The backstory to Comedy at The Post.

Hello Modesto!

I am coming back to Headline for one night only at The Post, October 25th. What’s great about this show is that I get to work with some of my favorite comedian friends, such as your host Roman Guzman. I met Roman about 4 years ago at a comedy show. He was sitting in the audience watching me deal with a very drunk heckler who was upset at a pre- season football game. Who cares about pre-season? You can hear more about Roman and his journey in my new podcast episode.

Click here to listen to Episode Ochenta Uno: Eating nachos in my chonies!

Oct 25th.jpg

This will be my first time working with Shari Savage and watching her comedy video says enough. She is hilarious.

Click here to see Shari’s Comedy

Danielle Arce is very funny! I got a chance to work with her a few months ago at my Top Dog Comedy Show. She crushed it then and I am sure she is going to crush it again.

Click here to see Danielle Arce’s Comedy

Nick Larson! I’ve worked with Nick numerous times and it’s always fun working with him. I am glad he is going to be on this show.

Click here to listen to me and Nick as Macho Man Randy Savage vs Huell Howser.

Well there you have it, the line up and back story to Comedy at The Post. It’s going to be a lot of fun and I can’t wait for us to laugh together.

Click here to purchase tickets : Comedy at The Post.

And those were your MikeNouncements.