Intense.  Energetic.  Animated.  Outrageous.  These are just a few of the words that describe multi-faceted performer and creator Mike Betancourt, the comedian, actor, writer and producer.

Mike Betancourt Headshot.jpg


As a comedian, Mike tears up stages all around the nation and creates new fans wherever he goes.  He has a colossal personality that instantly connects to the audience, is often described as a “force of nature”, and uses his wide array of voices and characters to command the crowd’s riveted and delighted attention.  Mike delves into twisted and controversial topics boldly, using his charm to make them entertaining and hysterical.  Mike makes his way to the stage like he’s ready for battle, and leaves it like a conquering hero to the cheers of the crowd.


As an actor, Mike’s work ranges from comedy to drama to horror and more, and he’s been seen on commercials, television shows and films – both feature and short.  His works include Mamaboy (feature film starring Gary Busey and Tom Toblowsky), Love Rules (short film for which he won 2014 Best Supporting Actor),  Don't Shoot! I'm The Guitar Man. (Directed by Rocky Capella,) The Day I Almost Died (Discovery Life Channel), Good Day Sacramento, Comedy Time TV, Laughs TV. As a writer and producer, Mike brings the same passion and dedication that he does to his performance work, and the short film Evelyn that he produced won the Audience Choice award at the Life Fest Film Festival.


From stage to screen, in front of the camera or behind it, Mike Betancourt is your best bet when you’re looking for pure, innovative and unforgettable entertainment.