Sacramento Comedy Festival!


What are your plans for Thursday October 3rd? Wait, you're saying you don’t have plans? Well let’s change that because I am very lucky to be performing at the Sac Comedy Festival for the Best of Sacramento Stand up Showcase. It’s going to be a lot of fun and I hope to see you there.

Click here for tickets and information—> Best of Sacramento

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Me, Mikeself & I (WIDE) (1).jpg

It’s time for another exciting episode of Me, Mikeself and I. In this episode I talk about how I had to deal with 11 hecklers this past weekend. Yup, I went through the gauntlet of 11 hecklers and survived.


I talk about the movie Last Blood and compared it to dealing with hecklers.

Listen to —> Episode Ochenta: Be Like John Freaking Rambo!

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