New Me Mikeself & I with The Adorkable One!


It’s time for another exciting episode of Me, Mikeself and I. In this episode I had the privilege to interview Comedian Dustin Wood. Dustin is from Siskiyou County and has been doing comedy for five years. . Before comedy, Dustin was a pro wrestler but then he got a severe concussion which ended his wrestling career. Not knowing what to do next, his friend gave him a flash drive of comedians that he might like. I was one of those comedians on the flash drive that he saw which inspired him to do comedy.

Listen to Dustin’s journey —> Episode Setenta Nueve: The Adorkable One

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This weekend I’m Headlining in Ocrutt CA! I can’t wait and it’s going to be a lot of fun. I will see you soon So Cal!

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